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Partnering with CAM

Community Association Management, Inc. (CAM) offers a full range of operational, administrative and financial management solutions and consulting to benefit your association.  We specialize in the management of homeowners Associations including assisting developers with the creation of Associations and governing documents.

We focus on the positive aspects of Association living by sending owners postcards of recognition for well-maintained yards and also promote this through programs like “Yard of the Month.”  It’s our goal to positively and directly communicate with members in our communities.

Our team is committed to continuing education to benefit our clients’ communities.  We stay abreast of the ever-changing statues and regulations that affect our clients.  For two decades, CAM has questioned the old ways of Association operations and developed new and friendlier HOA practices.

We have long-term relationships with many of the communities we manage.  CAM has guided several transitions from developer-controlled boards to homeowner-controlled boards.  Because of these long-term relationships, our team is able to provide stability for Associations as Board and Committee members change over time.  The success of our clients’ Associations is what drives our company.

Our contract clearly defines the management fees–there are no hidden charges.  We help Boards identify the needs of each Association that we manage and structure our services and fees accordingly.  CAM has built a reputation that distinguishes what we do–Association management–from the other firms that “manage property.”  Partnering with CAM provides an effective alternative to hiring a large firm where your community is just another number and the managers frequently change.