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Jack Baker and Melissa Baker have been the founders and owner-operators of CAM since 2001.  Both are graduates of the University of Texas at Austin.  Jack, who holds CMCA and AMS designations, is the president of the company and leads the management efforts.  In addition to personally assisting the Boards of directors and committees with meetings and providing consultation pertinent to sound decision making for varied HOAs, POAs and condominium communities, he mentors our newest manager Stephanie Andrasi.

Having specialized in Association management for the past 18 years, Jack understands the challenges of effectively dealing with the many diverse needs of Associations and recognizes the unique character of each Association.  Jack is familiar with the demands of Association leadership and volunteers, having served at staff and board level positions for non-profit organizations.

During her 30 years in business management, Melissa has gained experience in accounting, scheduling, marketing, best management practices and customer care.  She served as president for a non-profit organization and as a director numerous times.  Melissa, a native Austinite, oversees the financial operations and data management of CAM’s communities.  She prepares monthly financial reports and distributes them to each Board member. She facilitates homeowner account collections and develops preliminary budget spreadsheets that the Boards will use to finalize and adopt a budget in the fourth quarter of each year.  Her financial and records management and organizational skills will be an asset to your association and its volunteer leadership.  Melissa also designs and maintains their Association websites as contracted.

Some of Jack and Melissa’s combined experience includes the following:

  • Providing continuity for association leadership
  • Developing and implementing policies, procedures and budgets
  • Planning, promoting and conducting special events and meetings
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Managing and training staff
  • Designing and maintaining websites that are linked to the management software
  • Preparing, editing, and publishing communication and educational materials
  • Establishing and building relationships with government, civic and private organizations
  • Developing and implementing policies, procedures and budgets
  • Managing volunteers
  • Working with qualified vendors

It is with this experience that Jack and Melissa diligently lead their team to manage the business of Associations and assist people as they strengthen and enhance their communities.